What is dial indicator

In various contexts of science, technology, and manufacturing an indicator is any of various instruments used to accurately measure small distances and angles, and amplify them to make them more obvious. Once you move beyond the basic machining operations you will definitely want to have one or more of these in your workshop. On this page I will describe the instruments and holders, but the how-to-use-them information will be . This video will show the mechanic how to read and use a standard dial indicator in the shop to measure parts.

Do you know how small linear distances are accurately measured?

Yes, dial indicators are used in industrial and mechanical processes in the measurement of linear distances. Lugs can be changed degrees in orientation according to the application. The lug is set horizontally when shipped. To avoid cosine-effect error, ensure that a dial indicator is mounted with its spindle in line with . They are typically used to measure deck clearances, crankshaft thrust and straightness, lifter travel and other measurements that involve the distance between two surfaces or small amounts of component travel. Noun (plural dial indicators ) 1. In gauge …a certain range.

Any device for comparing a physical property of two objects, or an object with a standard.

There are two commonly use methods to align rotating machine shafts using dial indicators. When using a rim-face metho one measurement is taken on the rim of the coupling to determine shaft offset. Another measurement is taken on the face of the coupling to determine shaft angularity.

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