Velda t flow tronic

This causes positively charged copper ions to be released. When the diameter of the copper anode has strongly reduce than replace the copper anode. Fibrous and slime algae can ruin pond clarity and inhibit plant growth. Using Electric pulses between a copper anode and stainless steel cathode, copper ions are released.

It is these ions that eliminate slime algae quickly and effortlessly WITHOUT . This invasive weed can make your pond look unsightly and can block up pumps and filters.

This technology is the same as that used to stop bottled water . T – Flow is the ultimate permanent cure for Blanket Weed. Grazie al suo elevato spostamento , funziona abbastanza efficacemente. Velda T Flow Tronic pour. Consegna rapida e spedizione in tutta Italia.

A revolutionary system to the market that eliminates blanket weed from your garden pond in a way that is safe for fish and plants. Controlled by a microprocessor, positively charged copper ions are released in a . Like most pond owners at some time or another I have to combat the unsightly invasion from . The core of the T-Flow Tronic blankweed remover consists of an anode, made from a mineral copper alloy developed by .

Owing to the sophisticated water flow its operation is quite effective and extremely easy to dose. Door het water te mineraliseren wordt de groei van draad- en slijmalgen onmogelijk gemaakt, terwijl de waterplantengroei gestimuleerd wordt. Anode Voor It-35De Anode Voor It-is speciaal ontwikkeld om de I-Tronic It-te helpen met draadalgen en andere algen te verwijderen. The easy way to get rid of blanket wee buy online today! Met behulp van een microprocessor worden pulsen gegenereer die naar de kern van de T – Flow Tronic leiden.

Hierdoor komen er positief geladen koperionen vrij. Negozio con fiducia su eBay! A new solution to this problem is the T – Flow control system from VELDA.

It also ensures your water becomes healthy and odour free whilst . На нашем сайте представлен широкий ассортимент с доступными ценами. Также мы осуществляем доставку по всей России. Le microprocesseur du T – Flow Tronic génère des impulsions électriques qui ont pour effet de déclencher un processus.

Find out what genuine customers have said about watergardeningdirect. Real product reviews from real people. Der Algenvernichter T-Flow ist der sichere Weg um dem Algenproblem vorzubeugen oder es zu beseitigen.

Er ist ein dauerhaft wirkendes.