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There may be no information about the maximum load that can be assigned to an anchor installed in these materials. Our engineers work with you onsite and will give you a . Durante la fase progettuale i test consentono di determinare la resistenza di un sistema di ancoraggio in un materiale base e individuare il sistema di fissaggio più idoneo. Manometro 0-kN C HATimballato. On Site Testing: Pull out test.

At the site it is often seen that doing the tensile test on the anchors becomes very important.

The anchors are then tested on site in the presence. Customer must provide all access to the actual location and the access must be safe and easy. All arrangement must be coordinated prior to the actual conduct of the test. In the last six months Six – Twelve Months More than a year ago. What would you like the demo on?

Fastening on Steel Application Threaded Stud S-BT MR Steel on Steel Application Firestop. Each of the methods presents a unique set of problems and interpreting the . This paper reports the observations and of a dynamic loading test conducted on.

One of the most common applications of MI- system is to . Test Report (Air) for CF-I XTW Extreme Weather Insulating Foam. Test Report (Air) for CP 6Speed Sleeve. Test Report (Fire) for CF-I XTW Extreme Weather Insulating Foam. Test Report (Fire) for CFS-TTS Top Track Seal.

VOC Content Test Certificate (LEED). Material Safety Data Sheet. Hilti MI-system components. All the test reports in this submission folder are abstract version with essential data for submission purpose.

PULL-OUT TEST RESU LTS OF HILTI FASTENING SYSTEMS. PULL- OUT TEST oF HILTI FASTENING SYSTEMS. Research Laboratory Section. IMichigam State Highway Commission. Through-Penetration Layout.

The agile department of the new website concept provided for the separate development of individual areas. To test the respective development statuses separately, individual focused prototypes were created. This way, the FAST iterations concentrated on the respectively relevant ad hoc questions.

There have been conducted tests oftypes HILTI anchor fittings of UDK aerated concrete of different density class produced by UDK LLC. On the UDK company premises in cooperation with Yevgeniy Balyhin, Head of technical support group of HILTI company, there have been tested types anchor fittings . Load distribution bridge. Gunite test adapter set.