Terminal crimping tool

DMC has several die configurations for crimping terminals and splices. AWG size is one determining factor, but each die configuration has a designated tool series. The hand tool is the basis of each tool series and suitable for the low volume of prototype or repair work.

There are hundreds of crimp on terminal adapters. Purchased off Ebay for $18. TERMINAL CRIMPING TOOL (K210) specs and documentation.

A wide variety of crimpers (a.k.a. crimp pliers) exist, and they are generally designed for a specific type and size of terminal. Klein modular plug crimper. Browse our latest cable- crimpers offers. Crimping-pliers-pro-RJ-0a.

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Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Ratchet type tool for pre-insulated and supergrip terminals. The ratchet ensures a complete crimp every time. A must have tool for every tradesman.

Low cost brass terminal crimper. The crimp achieved is a roll crimp, which supports the insulation and crimps the wire. Not suitable for flag terminals.

We stock a variety of electrical supplies, find out more here. Максимальный размер провода. AWG ( американский проволочный калибр).

Минимальный размер провода. AWG (американский проволочный калибр). Selection Matrix (images are for reference only).