Table slides

The standard table slide , used for opening and extending standard four leg tables, consists of a series of parallel boards that are able to slide back and forth on smooth joinery with a male and female butterfly notch. Our table slides for standard tables accommodate openings from to 120. Please note: a slide designed . Perfect for expandable tables with removable leaves.

As you pull on one half, the other side moves away.

Super easy one handed extension. The slide can handle two leaves, and the model can handle three leaves or two leaves. The natural choice for your table is wood slides. Wood on wood action provides quiet and smooth operation that lasts through generations of use.

Add capacity for leaves up to wide to your trestle style table for additional seating area with Trestle Table Slides. These wood table slides offer . They provide level support and smooth extension for adding a leaf at each end of your table. Frame – undivided table -top.

Wooden frame – divided table -top. Slide as frame – devided table -top. Operates smoothly, prevents sagging or binding and allows a wide range of leaf openings. Available in wood or steel.

Wood Table Slides are expertly constructed of hardwood maple providing strong dependable service and smooth quiet action. Shop WWHardware online for Wood table slides for tables with leaves and everything else you need for your next project at low prices. Fast shipping available. Furniture that spontaneously adjusts to needs.

A compact table that extends for dining in style. In a host of practical versions. For tables that cut a fine figure in any situation. Acme Metal Products table extension slides and table leaf hardware is Made in America of high-quality metal.

Our table extension slides come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any table style. This video shows how to use and choose table slides. In this video I show how I build table slides for a table that expands at each breadboard end. The trusted source for high quality wooden table slides.

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This product has always been made in different versions for extending tables in various ways. Over the years, it has been enhanced with complementary accessories. It is a robust slide that can be made in any size, upon request.

The carriages slide on a metal structure containing ball bearings. Moin Hardware, a top distributor of steel table slides. We offer off-the-shelf or custom steel table slides and can work with you to make sure you are purchasing the best slide. Our slides perform significantly better than wooden or generic steel slides and are Made in the USA.

Waterville Woodcraft makes wooden table slides for furniture manufacturers.