Ss tube cutter

Full lifetime warranty against material defects and workmanship. Includes spare cutter wheels and a fold-away reamer. Spedizione Gratuita disponibile per membri Prime su oltre un milione di prodotti.

Reed tubing cutters are equipped with special wheels for stainless steel. The SSI Model TC-electric stainless steel tube cutter assures a zero dead volume connection.

Because the tubing is held securely in a clamp vise on the vertical swing arm, a square cut is produced when the swing arm is lowered against the abrasive cutting wheel, which produces a finished end. No lubricant or cutting . The deformation-free clamping system allows quick adjustment to accommodate different tube diameters. Square, burr-free, and . Choose high-quality pipe and tube cutters from Grainger to help slice through pipe made of a variety of materials. Login or register to view your pricing.

This portable Tube Cutter makes it easy to achieve clean, square cuts on 3stainless steel , A62 A82 6Mo and other instrumentation tubing grades. The bearings create a smoother cut , and allow for increased speed around the tube.

A contoured frame allows for easy alignment while adjusting the cutter to make a cut. Available at Ohio Power Tool. MISUMI delivers punctually and offers fair prices. More than million products are available in our online shop.

Additionally, MISUMI offers a variety of CAD data for free download. Nobody expects more from us than we do. Egamaster Hand tool manufacturer. It has six-individual bearings that replace the traditional rollers.

Also it has ergonomic knobs that allow for easy adjustments . Designed for optimised performance on stainless steel tube, the Ridgid 35S cutter has six individual bearings, which replace traditional rollers. An ergonomic knob allows for easy . A straight, clean cut is of utmost importance when cutting stainless steel tubing. If the tubing is jagged or bent, it makes it difficult to fit the ferrule onto the tubing and will result in either bandspreading or . Stainless steel tube cutter. For copper, aluminum, metal pipe and other pipes cutting.

Tube cutter for 3mm to 30mm pipes.

Special Tool for cutting copper tube, easy to use. Specifications:- Tube Cutter S. Pipe Cutter Copper Tube. Tubing Peek tubing cutter for peek tubing(gilet in type) Peek tube cutter (blue) with extra blade. Parker 218B- SS Tube Cutter. An adjustable tube cutter which produces a clean square end with no external burr and minimum internal burrs.

The design of this cutter not only allows accurate positioning of the tubing onto the rollers but also allows the cutter wheel to be positioned both quickly and easily. Narrow your : By Type. Cutting Tools Tubing Bender. FirstPrevious1NextLast . Optimal for cutting copper tubing. No scraps after cutting , excellent cut , superb cut surface.

The Fiber Optic Sheath Stripper is designed to longitudinally score the tight structure fiber units within certain AFL OPGW designs. A simple pull of the Sheath Stripper along the fiber unit ensures correct score depth allowing for easy removal of the overall unit sheath and access to the enclosed fibers.