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The remaining income is subject to the ordinary corporate income tax. SICARs constituted in the form of an investment company may benefit from a large number of double tax treaties concluded by Luxembourg. Management services – except mere technical services – provided to a SICAR are exempt from.

San Michele, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy. The Intelligence Service of the Carabineros Before the coup, the Carabineros did not have their own intelligence service. This explains why the Intelligence Service of the Carabineros ( SICAR ) acted in close collaboration with the DINA.

The Director of SICAR reported to the General Director of Carabineros. Capital Legal Services is legal counsel in a $1. Rusnano Sistema SICAR fund.

Irina Onikienko, Partner of the firm, Member of the Council of the Russian Federal Chamber of Lawyers, speaks on the Concept for regulating the professional legal services market. A SICAR invests its assets in securities representing risk capital in order to provide its.