Shoulder plane

Sometimes it fit the bill other times it was returned to the cabinet and another plane was pulled out to address the task. It was an unnoticed thing too and never a conscious decision. This plane also features a precision-ground cast-iron base for accuracy, and . A shoulder plane is a versatile tool that allows you to tweak joinery to produce precise fits. Learn what to look for when choosing one here.

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With its open sides and a blade as wide as its body, you can run the side of a shoulder plane. Quick question for you (you may have gotten this one before.) What is your take on shoulder planes ? A multi-purpose tool, the Veritas medium shoulder plane can be used on end grain (for example, trimming tenon shoulders) or for paring cross grain as is often required on tenon cheeks. It can also used for rebate work, planing with the grain. Plane Cast from fine grey iron, is precision machine precision ground and polished to ensure accurate. A finger recess on both sides and a well-rounded upper section combine to ensure a comfortable grip.

Angie Kopacek shows some uses for this wonderful tool, plus the proper way to care for the tool so it continues. Angie Kopacek breaks down the shoulder plane and shows how to properly adjust the tool to make precision. No other plane performs as well as a shoulder plane when hand-fitting joints.

You will use it to trim a tenon shoulder – from which is where it gets its name – or the shoulder of a breadboar smooth a rabbet, or clean the bottom of a dado. It has a degrees blade angle for planing or degrees for scraping. Used for the clean up the shoulders of tenons and tenon tongues across the grain or a rebate . Traduzioni di shoulder plane nel dizionario tedesco italiano su PONS Online: Plane, planen, planen etw zu tun, habt ihr für heute Abend schon etw geplant?

Use this two-in-one tool as a shoulder plane for cleaning up shoulders on tenons. VERITAS comes with an interesting line of shoulder planes. VERITAS Detail Rabbet Plane These slender pocket-size planes allow fine, controlled cuts in areas you could ordinarily trim only with a . It is used to trim the shoulders and faces of tenons and is able to cut end grain. Tom Begnal and Michael Dobsevage. Shoulder Plane is accurate, versatile and built to last!

Before putting a new shoulder plane to use, it must be tuned and sharpened properly. In this video, hand-tool woodworker Chris Gochnour walks through the process of tuning up a shoulder plane , from flattening and squaring the sole to setting the blade. My first Stanley shoulder plane (a No.

93) was the worst plane I ever bought. These useful tools were once simple and traditional. Three modern versions have redesigned this tool and added some features. Ideal plane for precision fitting of rebates, shoulders and grooves.

Its high- precision body seats solidly when finishing tenon shoulders. Blade angle 18°, bevel angle 25°, resulting in a cutting angle of 43°.