Rope wrench

Non è da considerarsi come DPI per autoassicurazione, nè come un vero e proprio discensore. Viene usato in combinazione con un . The most popular way to ascend using Single Rope Technique (SRT) is using a Rope – Wrench -Set-Up that works in conjunction with a standard friction hitch. Using a rope wrench , an arborist safely navigates up and down a single line.

Video by Cass Corridor Films.

Music by Telefon Tel Aviv. This video goes over some important safety concepts. The new version is made of aluminum. It represents the simplest and best way to access a tree currently available.

STRW ZK-Version with a Sterling Tether. Rescue Response – Gear up! This system allows the climber to easily ascend in a ropewalking style with a couple of simple additions to a. Master the single rope technique with our SRT rope wrench and SRT tethers here at Gustharts.

Visit our page to browse through our climbing equipment. A simple tool allows a climber to ascen descend AND work a single rope very quickly. Spedizione Gratuita disponibile per membri Prime su oltre un milione di prodotti.

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Rope Wrench with Tether (Climbing Hardware). While it is simple to use it is advised that only qualified climbers with practical experience using SRT methods attempt to make use of the ZKRope . UNC stainless steel all-threa washers, and lock nuts. It minimizes slack and has 1:efficiency. Developed by Kevin Bingham of Singing Tree a well known Arborist from the USA.

Shop online for ISC industrial work and safety equipment. The ZKhas been developed as the first. Fletcher Stewart UK supplies low cost ISC ZKrope wrench kits.

I’ve found a couple threads about this combination, but all were a couple years ol right about the time of the zigzag recall. It is fitted with tamper-proof rivets.

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