Ritchey liquid torque

FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. This is especially useful in clamping areas, such as between a handlebar and stem, or fork steerer tube and stem – two areas where too much clamping torque can damage componentry, causing. Disponibile con spedizione internazionale gratuita. Das „flüssige Drehmoment“ erhöht die Reibung zwischen den Oberflächen – seien sie aus Aluminium, Stahl, Titan oder Carbon. So sind auch sehr glatte oder lackierte Komponenten zuverlässig vor Verrutschen gesichert.

Approved for use with carbon, steel, alloy and titanium surfaces. Shop with confidence on eBay! Ritchey is arguably the most well known brand for bicycle components in the world. It contains special micro particles that work to . Liquid Torque is used in parts connections, like . Category Assembly Compounds.

With Full Factory Warranty! Anyone else use the Ritchey stuff and how many applications should I get out of the measley satchet? The mind is its own place, and . View Morenents such as . Does this stuff set hard? Comments are close but trackbacks are . Negozio con fiducia su eBay! Retail Stores in Portlan Oregon and Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Especially useful when over-clamping can damage fragile and sensitive components such as carbon bars or stems. Die Ritchey Liquied Torque Montagepaste erzeugt zusätzliche Reibung zwischen zwei Oberflächen und ermöglicht dadurch, das Anzugdrehmoment um bis zu zu senken. Il protège de la corrosion et garde son efficacité même dans les conditions humides.

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