Ratchet copper pipe cutter

Ratchet action will cut pipe and conduit. Ideal for pipe up to 42mm. Vinyl pipe cutter with ratchet action. Q: When can I expect my order to arrive? RTC82 Malco Products, Inc.

Cuts copper , brass and aluminum tubing as well as thin-walled conduit. Self-feeding ratcheting motion provides easy cutting in close quarters. Tool is designed to cut brass, copper , aluminum, PVC and other thin-walled conduit material without damage.

When asked: “How do you cut pipes that are difficult to access or close to a wall? They come complete with a wheel for cutting copper tubing. A hardened wheel specially designed to cut . The innovative adjustable ratchet pipe and tube cutters are available today.

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For tube cutters next day, order online now. An extensive range of pipe cutters for cutting various pipe materials and thicknesses, including pipe cutting kits. Most tube cutters comprise of a grasping device and three sharp edged wheels forced inward by screw pressure that cut into the pipe as the tool is rotated by hand.

Pipe cutting tools are generally used by . Like all high-quality tools, this pipe cutter comes complete with the Craftsman lifetime warranty that lets you know you are working with the best. The Craftsman ratcheting tube and pipe cutter features a convenient one-hand . Internal cutting mechanism with ergonomic surround for comfort. C-Style Adjustable Copper Tubing Cutter. Tubing cutters can cut PVC or CPVC in a pinch, but to keep the copper tubing cutter sharp, use it only on copper pipe. PVC ratchet cutters are amazing tools for working with PVC pipe.

Each time you squeeze your han the cutter ratchets close cutting a small amount of pipe material until . In our Pipe Cutter Category we have a big selection of pipe cutters for sale. Mini Hand Small Size Miniature Steel Copper Pipe and Tube Tubing Cutter Tool. Heavy Duty Copper Tube Pipe Cutter Slicer With Spare Cutting Blade Self Locking.

Item Package Quantity, 1. Measurement System, Metric. Durable and lightweight.

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This product is a specially ordered item, and may take up to five days to arrive. High-quality ratchet -action pipe cutter. Please bear this in mind when ordering. Preview: FOT_PRO_ALG_ROHR_222.