Px 10 transpointer

Determinare facilmente la lunghezza della punta. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Easily determine the drill bit length. Sometimes you need to drill or core at an angle.

Use the PX with the slope adapter to determine the desired.

Shop with confidence on eBay! It solves a problem that nothing else on the market solves: making a drilled hole come out at the right place on the other side of a wall, and I mean a wall where getting to the other side . Allows free choice of drilling direction, for example when drilling through floors or before tricky coring operations. When drilling through insulation or cladding, for example, damage can be avoided by drilling in the right direction. Finn veien gjennom vegg og dekke.

No need for time-consuming procedures such as drilling pilot holes, measuring out manually or trial and error – Overhead drilling becomes unnecessary – Positions can be transposed through floors and walls – Direction arrows for easy, user-friendly operation – The unique slope adapter allows the drill bit exit point or. Superhandig toestelletje, je kleeft ene device waar je wilt dat het gat uitkomt en met de andere kan je aan de andere zijde van . Hilti PX transpointer.

A low RF induction field is created by the torroid in the sender. The receiver torroid being PLL tuned to same frequency detects strongest signal when both are parallel and concentric. Thus you can determine ideal location for drilling on hard to get side with sender and locate center on the easy side. ORIGINAL BEDIENUNGSANLEITUNG. Lesen Sie die Bedienungsanleitung vor Inbe- triebnahme unbedingt durch.

Bewahren Sie diese Bedienungsanleitung im- mer beim Gerät auf. Geben Sie das Gerät nur mit Bedienungsanlei- tung an andere Personen weiter. The Transpointer may also be used in conjunction with the slope adapter to: – To find a exit point from a given reference point and angle. Find the angle between two points.

Bepaal eenvoudig de boorlengte. Leichte Bestimmung der Bohrerlänge. Operating Range (In all Directions): 2in to 4ft 5in (5cm – 4m) Accuracy (Tool Positioning): Average Conditions: ±0. Lets in drilling to be carried out quickly and efficiently. No need for time consuming procedures such as drilling pilot holes, measuring out manually or trial and error.

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Eliminate time consuming procedures such as drilling pilot holes, manual measuring and “trial and .