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The measurements are generated by an electronic gravity sensor and processed by the latest low-power electronic circuit technology. Machined aluminum frame. Alternate reference (zero).

LCD display strong blade lock holds securely for transfer of . The stainless steel arms are graduated inch and metric scale for convenient and immediate linear measuring. Features a hold function, ensuring you never lose your reading, and a reverse reading capability for those hard .

Currently, the best digital protractor is the iGaging Bladed. With the lock angle feature, the user can improve accuracy and save time. Its design provides ultimate accuracy and efficiency, reverse angle function and lock angle feature. This precision stainless steel digital angle finder with measuring rulers also . We have a large selection of digital Angle Gauges ,Inclinometers, finders and Protractors for a wide range of uses such as woodworking, machining and engineering. Find the protractor from Grainger that fits your angle and miter measuring needs.

Choose from mechanical, electronic and magnetic digital models. ADB Airfield Solutions 950. Please Note: Our choices for this may have.

Over million products that ship and deliver fast. BASIC FUNCTION DIGITAL PROTRACTOR This protractor provides an immediate digital reading of any angle in a full circle of 0-90°-0-90°-readings. The machined aluminum frame is rigid and light w. Calibration is simple and requires no special fixtures. Display remains upright to view at all angles.

Large Protractor with Locking Knob. Digital Angle Protractor. Free delivery on eligible orders of £or more.

A very handy digital protractor , ideal for steel work due to its strong alloy body and built in base magnets. It has a hold facility so that you can use i. Kennedy This digital protractor has a range. Quickly measure and transfer angles with exceptional precision.

Use on-site for trim work and for measuring and setting up mitres and bevel angles in the shop. Buy the latest digital protractor GearBest.