Planer setting jig

MLCS planer jointer knife setting jig. For both steel and carbide knives. The revolutionary design of this jig allows you to save time and effort while setting up jointer or planer knives quickly and accurately. The setting jig holds the knife firmly in position, freeing both . Shop made planer knife setting jig.

The jig holds knives tightly in position while both hands are free to adjust the jigs and cutter head.

Keeps knives in perfect alignment while setting and fits . Planer Knife Setting Jig. Browse our fantastic range of products online with next day delivery. A pair of adjustable jigs for accurately setting up your planer blades within their block. With a lockable vernier setting and magnetic feet, all the blades in the cutting block can be set accurately to the same height. This is most important to give a cl.

The jig uses powerful magnets to hold planer or jointer knives in perfect position, freeing-up both hands while you tighten the . Makes knife setting simple, easy and accurate.

The jig fixes to the cutter block magnetically and with the blades loose in the block the dial and gauge control the setting rod which attaches to the blade magnetically and allows you to make precise settings easily. Then you simply lock off the blades, remove the jig and get . The jigs can be used with most planers , thicknessers or combination machines. All you need is access to the cutterblock, in most cases this means lifting up the planer beds or removing one of the tables completely.

They can be used on any machine where access to the cutterblock can be gained or with fixed table machines where the tables are made from a magnetic material, such as cast iron or steel (not aluminium). Minimum cutterblock diameter . The easiest and most efficient way to reset your blades. Fits most planer blades.

Maximum diameter of cutterhead: 130mm. Sold in a box set of two. Unplug your planer from the power source. Remove the dust cover from the planer for easier access to the knives. Suitable for all types of jointers and thicknessers.

Simply adjust the jigs for the correct diameter cutterhead and length of extrusion of the blade from the cutterhead. Put your planer knives into the cutterhead and set the jig over the planer blade. Two rare-earth magnets hold the jig onto the cutterhead whilst pressure is being . Aftermarket steel stands are available for portable planers.

Many of the most popular new jointers and planers feature knife setup that is self- setting. Older machines may require tedious fettling to get the blades square to the tables. To speed this and ease the tedium, several manufacturers have produced jointer- planer knife- setting jigs.

Again this is both a jig and a fixture.