Bantam Tools Desktop Milling Machines. IN STOCK, READY TO SHIP! The Othermill : Custom Circuits at Your Fingertips on Kickstarter! An easy to use, affordable, computer controlled mill.

Take all your DIY projects further with custom circuits and precision machining.

We visit the headquarters of the Other Machine Company, the makers of a portable desktop CNC milling. The othermill is a desktop CNC. When I saw the Othermill for the first time I thought it was just another mill with cheap Chinese hardware inside sold as a premium. It gave me another chance to relearn that I should always do my research before being a jerk, check my . Over the past few years, the Othermill , Other Machine Co.

CNC mill capable of producing PCBs with mil trace and space. Additionally, the Othermill was excellent at very fine CNC work including wax carving jewelry, very neat inlay work on woo and any .

Read this entire page thoroughly before attempting to use the Othermill. For further documentation, read the official Othermachine support site. Milling Time: Testing the Othermill Desktop CNC Machine.

Can you imagine having an Othermill Pro CNC milling machine sitting on your desk, whipping out prototype PCBs whenever you need them? I am drooling all over my keyboard. I just heard from my chum Ben Jordan at Altium with regard to a mega-cool Project of the Summer Competition that . The device marks the next major . Milling PCBs has historically been a bit of a trial, with long wait times and expensive board manufacturers.

We here at Other Machine Co. This Instructable is for Workshop Users at Pier 9. Clean up after yourself. Otherfab, cofounded by Saul Griffith, launches the Othermill CNC machine. Using the Othermill to iterate rapidly on your PCB designs.

There is a new CNC mill on the scene: Othermill Pro. The new mill sports a higher spindle spee faster rapids, and stiffer construction making it easy to precisely prototype the parts you design in Fusion 360.

Unlike a typical CNC mill, the Othermill Pro is small enough to fit on your desktop, yet still powerful enough to mill . Even more, the mill can cut metal, woo wax and plastic so you can make jewelry, molds and more. San Francisco-based Otherfab has launched the Othermill on Kickstarter and it is close to reaching its $50funding goal in just one day. What if you could easily add custom-designed circuits to DIY projects like 3D- printed stuff?

Othermill is a Kickstarter project that has quickly exceeded its fundraising goal. Such was the case here recently, while milling some prototype boards on our Othermill Pro. Our Othermill Pro – So much more .