Onondaga submarine

Passa a Submarine Operational Update Program (SOUP) – In an effort to take the subs from anti- submarine warfare training to frontline service, Maritime Command developed a refit program that included new sonars, periscopes, communications and fire-control systems. They also had their armament upgraded with . You will be welcomed by the coxswain and will be asked to play the role of an apprentice submariner during an unforgettable night! Length: 2feet , inches. Beafeet, inches.

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Displacement: 6tons surface 4submerged. The ONONDAGA is the Canadian submarine with the longest active career in the history of the Canadian Navy. TripAdvisor su Site historique maritime de la Pointe-au-Pere. Come aboard the 90-metre behemoth to learn about the day-to-day lives of the men who were confined within its steel hull for months at a time.

The self-guided audio tour will immerse you in a mysterious and fascinating world. It helped patrol our coasts and participated in many NATO missions. When you board the ship, you will discover daily life as it was experienced by the 60- some men who lived within the confines of the 90-metre submarine for months at a . Very few people are aware that Canada has been employ- ing submarines for nearly 1years ( although we have not owned them continuously!).

However it was only during the Cold War that Canada added a permanent submarine force to its navy. Good availability and great rates. Book online, pay at the hotel. Inside the submarine , learn about the daily life of the crewmen who lived for weeks in the confined space of the 90-meter ship.

The 45-minute audio tour (with two different tours) will submerge you in the fascinating world of submariners. Built HM Dockyard Chatham, U. She was paid off on and was later towed to Pointe-au-Père, Quebec to be turned into a museum. No old submarine sailor could pass this by. Lovely image and beautiful colours.

You have some great shots in your Gallery . She was the 2nd of boats of the class ordered by the Canadians and was the penultimate Chatham-built submarine. Musée de la Mer de Pointe-au-Père, near Rimouski Que. This marks the first time that a Canadian submarine will . Onondaga operated primarily with the Maritime.