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Short Course on Continuous Chromatography for Biotherapeutics. Massimo Morbidelli Organizers: Dr. Thomas Müller-Späth, Ingrid Groebli Copat and others. Operating Officer at ChromaCon AG in Zurich.

Course Description and Registration (PDF, MB) . After an assignment at Bayer Health- care, Thomas completed his doctoral work on continuous chromatography of biomolecules in the group of Prof.

Morbidelli , and co- founded ChromaCon AG to bring the technology to the market. He has been working on internal and external. The Morbidelli Group , Zurigo. Chemical Reaction and Separation Engineering.

ETH Zurich, Morbidelli Group , Zürich, Switzerland. Три основных производственных центра компании находятся в Италии. Компания выпускает более 17. Оборудование для деревообработки .

His talk will be entitled “From Polymer Colloids to Structured Material”. End-to-End Integrated Continuous Manufacture of. Brunn-Minkowski and isoperimetric inequality in the Heisenberg group. Sobolev inequalities for weighted gradients. Isoperimetric inequality in the Grushin plane.

Mueller Institute for Chemistry and Bioengineering Group Morbidelli Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, ETHZ ETH . For that reason, there is a fairly consistent view on the differences between these two fundamental aggregation mechanisms. Important features are summarised in Table 4. Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences. International Symposium on Continuous Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals.

End-to- End Integrated Continuous Manufacture of. WELCOME__________ Lignocam is the distributor of BTL viewer but it also publishes a CAM software to convert your BTL files in all CNC languages. Urey prize of the Division for Planetary Sciences of the.

Digitalisation Platform and Supervisory Control of A Continuous Integrated Bioprocess Using Raman Spectroscopy.