Minimax t124

Scopri tutti i vantaggi e le caratteristiche tecniche nella scheda prodotto disponibile sul sito. TORNIO DA LEGNO SCM GROUP mod. MINIMAX T1- CE completo di: – base a terra e ripiano porta-utensili.

Nella foto tornio nella versione con copiatore). MiniMax T1- CE completo di: – dispositivo a copiare – base a terra e ripiano porta-utensili.

WOOD-TURINING LATHE WITH COPYING DEVICE MOD. Strong base ensures maximum reliability and top precision turning. Copier ideal for small batches. Transparent guard for total operator safety. Woodturning lathe for D. Fast, easy-to-use and reliable.

Maximum reliability and top precision turning thanks to the strong base. A full range of available devices, to make the machine extremely versatile.

Total safety machining . Предназначен для обработки точением деталей из древесины. Обработка деталей может производиться в центрах, на планшайбе, в патроне с помощью подручника, либо резцом, закреплённым в резцедержателе суппорта. Volta Mantovana – Mantova. Categories: MiniMax, New Machinery, Sanders. Možnost dodatne opreme: – kopirna naprava,.

Compare Multiple Quotes for Lathe Shipping at uShip. I am looking for someone who has or has had experience on this lathe, specifically the copying component. Just wondering how the overall cut quality is.

I am search for used killengers and hapfcos as well but no luck. Hello, I am turning to the pros for some help as I cannot wrap my head around what is going on with my minimax t1lathe, while trying to copy from a template. I was hoping someone on here, who has some more experience then I, could help me try. Kopiointisorvi ammattikäyttöön. Vankka ja monipuolinen, erittäin tarkka.

Kestävää teräspeltiä, alusta 4-kulmaista teräsputkiprofiilia. Karassa kestävä laakerointi, ulkopuolinen kierre ja sisäpuolinen kartio MK 2. Nopeuden vaihto hihnavälitteisesti.

Kärkipylkässä pikalukitus ja kartio MK pinoolissa. A customer of mine would like to purchase a chuck but he does not know the thread dimention of his lathe. He owns a Minimax T1Of course I need this indication as I have to provide him with the correct chuck adapter. Can one of you tell me what adapter will fit? Кол-во: Задать вопрос Задать вопрос.

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