Lifting hand winch

Winches and pulleys are used for a whole range of lifting and transporting applications. At The Ratchet Shop we stock a wide range of lifting equipment. These hand pulleys are used to change the load line direction with a machined steel sheave . What height of lift do you need?

Length of wire rope needed when at maximum extension).

When fitting, consider the handle position on the winch to ensure that it will be operable in the area to be installed . Our range of hand winches is so vast providing your with options to suit every application from domestic and home use to industrial lifting or pulling hand winches. We are confident you will find a winch to suit your . Manual Pulling Winches are ideal for horizontal pulling applications which require the freewheeling feature of ratchet type winches. Brake Winches are suitable for many lifting and lowering applications, and include self-locking brakes for additional safety and control.

When you need to lift , lower or position a heavy load more quickly, Thern is ready to lend a hand with the most dependable hand winches available. Our worm gear and spur gear hand winches are designed to perform better and last longer no matter what your application.

From construction to maritime to manufacturing and. Yes, MAXPULL WINCHES , 436R12. Vestil Aluminum Low-Profile Lite Load Lift with Winch — 20in. Genie GLMaterial Lift (Standard) — 500-Lb. See photos, features, and prices.

Your One Stop Materials Handling and Industrial Safety Supplier. Available types are Forks, Forks . Stock Code, BHW08 BHW12 BHW18 BHW26 PHW155. Standard Finish, Powder-coate Powder-coate Powder-coate Powder-coate Powder-coated. Hand Winch Operated Lift Trucks. This tough, long lasting Aussie built winch is fitted with an automatic load actuated brake to make the toughest job easier when lifting and lowering loads.

Webbing cannot be used on these winches. Compact lift trucks are used to lift material to and from shelves, move office equipment and install ceiling. Manual hand -operated gear drive winches , model HWG-60 are designed for many lifting , lowering and pulling applications.

Winches should not be used for loads over areas where people may be present.

Equipped with a load pressure brake. This brake holds the load at any required height during hoisting and lowering and prevents and unintentional lowering of the load. Adjustable crank handle for . The positive action brake on the Hackett hand winch can hold the load in any position. The brake is sealed in a strong steel cover to protect from dust and rain. It is compact, light weight and is of rugged construction.

The winch should only be used for pulling. A notable feature of the Hackett hand winch. A wide range of hand winch products from BHW Group, including ratchet and lever models – and short arc handle variants. BHW also stock manual and electric hoists – click on the link below.

Lifting and Hoisting Applications.