Large pipe cutter

Both models come with an extra long shank which protects adjustment threads and an extra large handle for quick, easy adjustment. Fast, clean pipe cutting. Extra-long shank protects adjustment threads, while an extra- large handle is provided for quick, easy adjustment.

Can be converted to 3-wheel cutter by replacing rollers with cutter wheel. The 2A and 4S models can be ordered as a 3-wheel model for use in areas where a complete turn is .

Our durable pipe cutters provide fast, clean and consistent pipe cutting even when a complete turn is not possible. This video is about large pipe cutting jig. HDX Large Diameter Mini Tube Cutter.

SharkBite Safe Seal Depth and Pipe Deburring Tool. Choose high-quality pipe and tube cutters from Grainger to help slice through pipe made of a variety of materials. Login or register to view your pricing.

An extensive range of pipe cutters for cutting various pipe materials and thicknesses, including pipe cutting kits.

Most tube cutters comprise of a grasping device and three sharp edged wheels forced inward by screw pressure that cut into the pipe as the tool is rotated by hand. Pipe cutting tools are generally used by . Maximum Cutting Capacity: 335mm O. There are specific saws for cutting ABS, but you can really use any type of saw, even a hacksaw. A coarse saw is also good for cutting PVC. On both ABS and PVC pipe , you will need to clean off the inside and outside of the pipe after cutting , because using a saw does leave large burrs on the plastic pipe.

Does your arm get tired cutting large quantity of PVC pipes a day? This negative side effect is caused by the handle design and leverage. MCC ED series are designed based on the human ergonomics and in maximizing the leverage in using less-effort by the user. Easy cutting with the ratchet system. Blade returns to the rest position by opening the branches.

When you have larger diameter iron or steel pipe to cut or trim, a rotary cutter is a great solution. For cutting pipe in place, a rotary cutter makes the task much more manageable, and helps to reduce the down time that removing and replacing the pipe may create. Designed for applications where less than a foot of clearance . Search thousands of quality name brand products, great services offere and company information.

Exact Pipe Cutters Makes Your Job Easier And Safer.

Watch Videos Of Our Affordable Pipe Cutters ! Hy-Ram offer a complete repair service for any manufacture of pipe cutting equipment. There are three series of the OD Mount Clamshell Machine to meet the demands of your specific project. Our heavy duty BFC series features a thicker ring for added rigidity in the larger diameter, heavier wall pipe applications.

The large , long T-handle makes applying the pressure needed for the job easy. Be the first to review this product. Simple cutting of aluminium, copper and thin-walled metal pipes.

Our pipe cutters meet every requirement in pipe cutting and beveling. Discover our pipe cutters !