Large diameter pipe cutter

When you have larger diameter iron or steel pipe to cut or trim, a rotary cutter is a great solution. For cutting pipe in place, a rotary cutter makes the task much more manageable, and helps to reduce the down time that removing and replacing the pipe may create. Designed for applications where less than a foot of clearance . Hy-Ram offer a complete repair service for any manufacture of pipe cutting equipment.

The cutters can be used to cut virtually any pipe material: steel, cast iron, ductile iron, clay and plastic pipe. CS Unitec Pipe Cutting Machine for Steel, D.

Large Diameter Pipe Cutting for Point to Point Connections in Offshore Construction – Duration: 4:03. Ratchet-action handle parallel to pipe allows for application in minimum width trenches. Easy cutting with the ratchet system.

Blade returns to the rest position by opening the branches. HDX Large Diameter Mini Tube Cutter. Maximum Cutting Capacity: 335mm O. TASCO( Taxco) large – diameter correspondence pipe cutter TA560X – Purchase now to accumulate reedemable points!

Model 4-S Heavy-Duty Pipe Cutter.

Pipe snaps off squarely once the operator completes the cut. Cuts out-of-round pipe because of spring loaded . Products and services for gas pipe cutting and cracking. By fitting a larger motor and a custom designed blade, the cutter rapidly cuts around a steel main. LARGE DIAMETER PIPE CUTTERS.

Size, Code, Unit Price, Qty. There are products in this Section. However, is laser tube cutting — specifically, when using a fiber laser—useful when it comes to large – diameter tubes? For cutting and beveling steel pipe onsite there are a couple ways to go about it however no process is going to be faster, cleaner and more accurate for larger diameter pipe than using these Ridgid tools.

HAZ (heat affect zone) is available from ESCO Tool of Holliston, Massachusetts. The ESCO APS-4Universal Air-Powered Saw features a fiberglass reinforced blade for cutting. Need to cut large – diameter cast iron, tile or concrete pipe?

The answer is Wheeler-Rex hydraulic chain pipe cutters. Just like hand-operated pipe cutters , hydraulic pipe cutters use a chain wrapped around a pipe to cut it in just seconds. The pipe is squeezed by the cutter wheels on the chain which causes the pipe to pop . This Large – Diameter Mini Tube Cutter is an easy-to-use professional plumbing tool. Used to cut copper tubing as well as Sch.

This tool is great for working in tight spaces.

TAG Pipe Cold Cutting Machines. Small, Medium and Large diameter Pipe Cutting and Beveling machines, designed to suit the arduous conditions of todays job sites. TAG Manufacture a diverse range of pipe cold cutting and bevelling machines, from Orbital saws for the workshop, reciprocating saws for on-site work, and . Our durable pipe cutters provide fast, clean and consistent pipe cutting even when a complete turn is not possible. According to an aspect of the present disclosure, a low profile travelling pipe cutter is provided which is adapted to perform at least one of cutting and beveling a hollow vessel while traveling arou. Pipe machining apparatuses, such as traveling pipe cutters , are provided.

One such pipe machining apparatus may cut or bevel a hollow vessel while traveling around the vessel, and include a frame including a top end and a bottom end with the bottom end adjacent an outer surface of the vessel. Cuts 2”- 6” (mm – 1mm) cast- iron, cement and clay pipe. Ideal for use in tight spaces.

Quick-opening feed screw can be operated with ratchet or any wrench.