Industrial vacuum accessories

Equip for success with industrial vacuum accessories from Goodway, including hoses and connectors, wands and tools, filters, drum liners, tanks and more. General cleaning kit suitable for light applications, it is extremely versatile. Cleaning machinery kit (ø 4 and mm): ideal for cleaning dust and residues from machinery used during the production process. CleanStore provides quality cleaning products for delivery across the UK.

Ruwac Industriesauger GmbH has a vast range of accessories for industrial vacuum cleaners and central vacuum systems.

The range includes hoses, wands , cleaning nozzles, brushes and connectors. American Vacuum supplies a variety of industrial vacuum hose tools and accessories. We also keep most items in stock for the convenience of our customers.

This makes industrial hose delivery time quick and painless. Contact us today to learn more or request a quote! ABS Plastic Floor Tools. Friction Fit Attachments.

Pickrup Nozzles, upholstery Tools, utility Tools. Effortless ordering and convenient delivery. Log-in or register for your pricing.

Hose, tools, attachments and accessories for vacuum cleaning systems. Vacuum hose and vacuum cleaning tools built for heavy industrial and commercial use. We have the vacuum parts , motors and accessories you need in stock and ready to ship.

Same Day Shipping on most orders! We offer an extensive line of standard and custom designed nozzles, a large variety of filters and a comprehensive selection of hoses and manifold components for your industrial vacuum. Please contact our Customer Service Department to place your order today. We offer many tools such as vacuum floor tools, hoses, and more individually or in accessory packages, as well as vacuum filter options such as our MicroClean filter and HEPA filter upgrades.

If you want to bring your Ruwac . Types: – HEPA and standard – For specific material filtration. Accessories Tubing And Fittings Small . These manufacturers have been chosen because of the quality and advanced technology of their featured products which will only enhance the ease of use in all . A hand held vac is ideal for effortless cleaning, and hard to reach places, for example car floors, whilst the models which can be used for wet debris as well as dust and dirt offer versatility, and are great for use on spillages or damp carpets. We also stock relevant attachments to help you get the most from your appliance.

Industrial vacuums designed and manufactured in Northern Ireland. A range of medium size powerful dry and wet and dry models to suit any application. Browse through our range of industrial vacuum accessories such as dusting brushes and floor nozzles. Our wet dry vacuum attachments are available at Gustharts.

Conductive rubber cuff, type Oregon (black). Flexible hose type Evaflex. Polyurethane antistatic, oil resistant flex hose type Oregon. Oil resistant, heat resistant up to 120°C flex hose type Evaflex. A Delfin industrial vacuum cleaner can be configured with an immense number of options and customisations in order to make it unique.

Fits US Gallon Size: – US gal. Trailer and truck-mounted vacuums , industrial vacuum cleaner systems, liquid recovery equipment, material handling equipment and spill response equipment.