Indexable tool holder

Look here for technical information about the nomenclature used to refer to the indexable toolholders carried by MSC Industrial Supply Co. Rely on Grainger for a durable, high-quality indexable tool holder and all the other machining tools you need to help deliver a precise lathe performance. Wedge lock tool holder , c clamp tool holder , profile tool holder , screw lock tool holder , insert tool holder , lathe tool holder , turning tool holder , carbide insert tool holder , indexable carbide insert tool holder , holder for carbide inserts, carbide tip holders, technical information for tool holders , what do number on tool holder.

Top quality indexable lathe bits, with replaceable tips. Inserts can be rotated to a new cutting edge without changing the position of the tool holder (each has three sides). Turning tool set is ideal for a wide variety of projects.

The small size makes manufacturing of the insert easier than making a solid tool of the same material. This also reduces cost because the tool holder can be made of a less-expensive and tougher material. In some situations a tipped tool is better than its solid counterpart because it combines the toughness of the tool holder.

Shop Shars Tool today and experience our high quality indexable cutting tools at a great value, same-day shipping, and dedicated customer support. Cut off and grooving with a PVD coating insert included. Grooving and Turning Insert.

External V Partial Profile ACarbide Threading . These tool holders use only TT style inserts. All other lathe turning tool holder sizes use TT-32 TT-32 or TT-323.

Available in standard shapes or in sets. AR and AL tools cut to a square shoulder. BR and BL tools have a . Our assortment of carbide indexable lathe tool holders are available in various sizes and styles. Order a high quality lathe turning tool holder today. I did some searching on here but came up short.

Explore high-performance and general purpose carbide inserts, tool holders , boring bars and more. Indexable Insert Drill including clamping screws and key. Also, achieve consistent tool performance, excellent surface finishing and superior tool life with our grooving systems. P-Turning Tool With Lever Clamping System. Square shank heavy duty deep copy turning tool holder (PDJNR).

Repair costs based on actual damage. We specialize in repairing all brands of indexable rotating and turning tools. Latest technology and equipment.

Skilled tool craftsmen and engineers with decades of experience. Every repaired tool is tracked . Pluto Holder Manufacturing Company, one of the leading manufacturers.