Hy 200 hilti

Sistema di ancoraggio chimico. Adhesive anchoring system for rebar and anchor fastenings in concrete. HY 2-A cartucce da 3ml e 5ml.

Read the safety precautions, safety data sheet, and the product information before use. Verbundmörtel für Bewehrungseisen und.

Embedment depth and base material thickness for the basic loading data. Mean ultimate resistance, characteristic resistance, design resistance, recommended loads. Склад матеріалу: Клей на основі уретан -метаакрилату. Стан базового матеріалу: Мокрий, Сухий. Умови навколишнього середовища: Внутрішні роботи, . Profondità di ancoraggio e spessore del materiale base per i dati principali di carico.

Resistenza ultima media, resistenza caratteristica, resistenza di progetto, carichi raccomandati. Basic loading data (for a single anchor).

All data in this section applies to. For details see Simplified design method. Correct setting (See setting instruction). No edge distance and spacing influence.

Base material thickness, as specified in the table. Product is ICC-ES approved for use in both cracked and uncracked concrete applications. Contractors experience less down time, as the flexibility of the product allows for installation in both wet and dry conditions, . Material specifications. Installation instructions.

One typical embedment depth, . Simpson Strong-Tie product. AT-XP Anchoring Adhesive product flier. Code Report IAPMO UES ER-2(Concrete). SET-XP may also be acceptable).

Hilti Safe Set Technology requires no manual hole cleaning to obtain optimum performance. New TE-CD and TE-YD Hollow Drill Bits used in .

Le Groupe Spécialisé n° de la Commission chargée de formuler les Avis. Le présent document, auquel est annexé le Dossier .