Hy 200 hilti epoxy

HY 2-R con maggiori tempi di lavoro per applicazioni con barre ad aderenza migliorata. The best just got better. Basic loading data (for a single anchor). All data in this section applies to. For details see Simplified design method.

Assemble HIT-RE-M mixer, extension(s) and appropriately sized piston plug. Insert piston plug to back of the hole and inject adhesive. During injection the piston . Inadequately cleaning holes during installation can reduce the performance of conventional adhesive anchor systems significantly.

Material specifications. Installation instructions. A small step… One giant leap for your next project. Simpson Strong-Tie product. AT-XP Anchoring Adhesive product flier.

Code Report IAPMO UES ER-2(Concrete). SET-XP may also be acceptable). Product is ICC-ES approved for use in both cracked and uncracked concrete applications. Contractors experience less down time, as the flexibility of the product allows for installation in both wet and dry . Use when temperature is below F and allow hours before loads.

A recommended replacement for the RE50 now that that product has been discontinued. Bonus: it cures gray instead of pink! System is out of this world. Now you can design anchor rod and post-installed rebar connections with more productivity and reliability. Using this metho dust can be left in the anchor hole without impacting . Technology eliminates the most.

Стан базового матеріалу: Мокрий, Сухий. Склад матеріалу: Клей на основі уретан -метаакрилату. Умови навколишнього середовища: Внутрішні роботи, . Post-installed rebar connections for concrete slab, column or wall.

HIT- HY 2Adhesive Anchor.