How to set planer knives

I was asked by a subscriber to show the concept of setting the blade height in a planing machine. This is how I change the blades on my thicknesser. In this fourth video of the series I. Planer -thicknessers require very accurate setting up if you are to get the best out of them and many new users are nervous of the process, consequently leaving knives in far too long and soldiering on with blunt blades instead of taking them out for r. How to Set Planer Blades.

Setting planer blades is a fiddly job, but if you take your time it is not all that hard to get it right. This way of setting the blades works with any size of planer. From huge machine shop surfaces to a small. I had a rather unfortunate encounter between a fragment of screw in some reclaimed lumber and my thickness planer knives.

Screws, being much harder than nails, nick the knives quite badly. Nicks in the knives leave small ridges in the wood. Usually, these nicks and corresponding ridges are . Adjusting jointer knives.

There are two designs of cutter heads in terms of how the knives are adjusted. Another set of screws, seen from the side (B) are used to clamp the blades in place. Never had them out yet, so I was wondering what the best method is to set such large blades accurately? I use mini Planer Pals for my lunchbox planer , but they wont fit the larger cutterhead of the . Power Tools and Machinery. I bought a used 15in jet planer and I am installing new blades however it did not come with the the knife setting gage.

I bought a gauge at woodcraft but the jet manual does not give me the height the blades should be. I adjust my blades past the cutterhead? John White demonstrates his simple method for changing planer blades.

A pair of adjustable jigs for accurately setting up your planer blades within their block. With a lockable vernier setting and magnetic feet, all the blades in the cutting block can be set accurately to the same height. Unless you have purchased yourself a new spiral cutter planer thicknesser, where the TCT cutters are already set , this is something you have to do. Often considered an extremely tedious and long . This article has a nice tutorial about how to set the jointer knives. It covers styles of heads.

First is the style with jackscrews (labeled A in the image):.

With those you can adjust each screw until the blade is set correctly (as with the straightedge method). Setting jointer knives appears to be universally every woodworkers worst duty. The second style is the . When I talk to woodworkers, the one thing they hate doing most is setting jointer knives (although many also hated setting planer knives , but that`s another article). One of the biggest problems is many did not know what height the knives should. Question I have accurately set knives in a number of jointers and know all the basic moves.

This one, though, is something else again. Has a roun ball bearing head (original) that takes knives of width. Each knife is held in place by gibs.

Anyway, these work well, and I like the surface . Changing jointer knives can be a chore you keep putting off. But these knives need periodic resharpening.