Horizontal wood splitter

The majority of log splitters are horizontal. You lay your log atop the splitter, and the ram pushes it against a stationary wedge to split it. For those monstrous logs, there are vertical horizontal log splitters.

Powered by a Honda GX2engine with an exclusive idle down feature that saves fuel and reduces noise while you load the next log. The Concentric hydraulic pump intelligently adjusts flow and .

The log is then safely split without the need to keep it stable with your hands. The sturdy wood splitters with log lifting device and optional rope winches make work particularly efficient and . With a 9-inch splitting wedge, it easily splits logs up to 24-inches long . The backbone of this log splitter is an industrial-strength I- beam with heavy plate steel reinforcement. Auto-return wedge saves time and effort when . Hydraulically adjustable NorthStar 4- way wedge . RuggedMade log splitters are fast, powerful, and dependable.

Our splitters provide you . Engine Type, Honda GC190. Vertical Operation, Yes. Cylinder Size (Diameter x Stroke) . Splitting Force, tons. Welded on Stripper Plate.

Built-in log cradle so your log stays in place. Horizontal and vertical splitting positions. Durable and easy to use. Still EZ, but bigger, faster and towable. Check out the specifications to see why this log splitter may be the perfect unit for you!

The vertical position is ideal for large rings as these will not have to be lifted manually up onto tables or beds. The horizontal position is ideal for smaller diameter rings, working at a better . The AL-KO units can be used for different lengths of logs and pieces of wood with different diameters. In our range we offer powerful yet compact horizontal log splitters.

Their construction is robust and their operation is performed in comfort and maximum safety as they have a two-hand safety control for your protection. Utjecaj projektnih parametara uređaja za horizontalno cijepanje drva na silu cijepanja. Received – prispjelo: 12.

Accepted – prihvaćeno: 13.