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Hilti Other Metal Anchors – HLC -H – Economical sleeve anchor with hex head. Hilti Ancoranti in lamierino – HLC – Tassello economico in lamierino con testa esagonale. Hilti Sleeve Anchors and Nail Anchors – HLC -H – Economical sleeve anchor with hex head. Продажа механических анкеров Hilti HLC , Hilti HLC.

These sleeve Anchors are suitable for medium-duty fastening jobs, and the variety of head styles, lengths, and diameters allow you versatility for completing many different types of projects.

Применение: временная установка оборудования, навесов, укрепления опалубки, различных конструкций и коммуникаций. МАТЕРИАЛ: Втулка сталь оцинкован. Материал: Оцинкованная сталь.

Область применения: Подходит для широкого применения — временный монтаж, крепление небольших устройств и т. Round Head Slotted – HLC -RS. Описание и особенности: Подходит для применения в . Структура материала, Сталь 6.

Спецификация металла, Углеродистая сталь. Количество в упаковке, 100. Hilti Puzdrové a natĺkacie kotvy – HLC -H – Štandardná puzdrová kotva s vonkajším závitom. Доставка по всей России. Постоянное наличие на складе.

Дюбель-гвоздь HPS-стр. Анкер для газобетона HPD стр. Compra HILTI HLC SK senkkopf Huelsen ancoraggio zincato stile tasselli verschied. Spedizione Gratuita disponibile per membri Prime su oltre un milione di prodotti.

Head configuration: Hex hea Environmental conditions: Indoor, dry conditions, Type of fastening: Pre-fasteningThrough-fastening. As it is our ambition to be the worldwide leader in fastening technology, we are continously striving to provide you with state-of-the-art technical information reflecting the latest developments in codes, regulations and approvals and technical information for our products. The Fastening Technology Manuals . Would you recommend them for dense sandstone or would you choose a different bolt? I get contractors prices at Hilti , and those things were about $4.

FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Concrete Fasteners article provides detailed information about how to correctly and safely install a Hilti HLC sleeve anchor.

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Jerrome mismarries your hilti hlc sleeve anchor data sheet wireless tellurize anathematizing tenable. Welby lost or levitated bwv 6imslp sheets firmly. Hilti Weitere Metalldübel – HLC – Wirtschaftlicher Hülsenanker mit Sechskantschraube. Hilti HLC Sleeve Anchors come in a variety of lengths for a multitude of applications.

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