Hilti te 60 avr

Енергія одиночного удару: 7. Per ulteriori info contattatemi. Our unique Active Torque Control system causes the drill to turn off should the drill bit hit rebar, minimizing the chance of twisted wrists and other jobsite injuries. PRETENZIOSO E PRAGMATICO TRA I PERFORATORI DI FASCIA MEDIA.

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Declaration of conformity. Designed not only for drilling, this versatile tool is also ideal for chiseling work such as . Location of identification data on the power tool. The type designation can be found on the type identifica- tion plate and the serial number on the side of the motor housing. Per esecuzione di fori di ancoraggio e fori passant.

Rotation speed gear under no loa 3rpm. Single impact energy, 5. Dust removal module, TE DRS-Y . Not only does it offer top performance, tremendous versatility and exceptional working comfort, thanks to built-in ATC Active Torque Control and the latest.

Featuring superb ergonomic design and a powerful motor , . Энергия одиночного удара: 7. Система активного контроля . Обзор преимуществ перфоратора ​ HILTI TE -ATC- AVR. This allows contractors to use any NFC-enabled device to access “ everything from getting a comprehensive tool history and summary to . Достоинства: удобный, современный, функции работы, длина шнура метра. Всем доброго время суток. По своей профессии(строитель) мне приходилось пользоваться разного рода перфораторами, различных фирм. Hilti TE – ATC AVR НУЖНА СХЕМА.

Nazivna napetost: 2V. Energija posameznega udarca: 7. Zahtevajte praktični prikaz izdelka. TE- Y_SDSmax_PDP_APC_70x50 . Nominalioji įtampa: 2V.

Smūginiai grąžtai (rekomenduojamas skersm. intervalas): – mm. Viengubo smūgio energija: .