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Hilti Sistemi di rilevamento – Multidetector PS – Rilevatore multifunzione per trovare immediatamente ferri di ripresa, tubi in metallo o plastica, cavi sotto tensione e legno inseriti in strutture costituite da vari materiali di base. Hilti Детекторы – Мультидетектор PS – Многоцелевой детектор для быстрого обнаружения арматуры, металлических или пластиковых труб, проводов под напряжением и дерева, находящихся в конструкциях из самых разных базовых материалов. Hilti Detection Systems – PS Multidetector – A multipurpose detector to instantly find rebar, metal or plastic pipes, live wire and woo embedded in structures made of various base materials.

This is a real problem solver that brings peace of mind in anchoring or coring applications when plans are no longer available E. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

The Hilti PS Multidetector is designed to help contractors drill in the right place the first time. With its ability to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metal, live . The new Hilti Multidetector PS brings new depth to area scanning. The self- calibrating tool uses pulsed radar technology to detect a variety of concealed objects: ferrous and non-ferrous, wo. Precizia de localizare, ±mm 1. Hz, – 240V), mm 4. Distanţa minimă între două obiecte învecinate, mm.

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Our versatile PS Multidetector quickly and easily locates objects in many different base materials: concrete, drywall, hollow brick – even in wet or fresh concrete! Hilti has just launched its PS Multidetector , a tough new tool which provides users with the most comprehensive insight into objects located in walls and floors. The new system quickly and easily detects and classifies many different objects – including ferrous and non-ferrous metal, live wires, plastic . Hilti Sistemas de detección – Multidetector PS – Detector de múltiples propósitos que permite localizar de manera instantánea corrugados, tuberías de metal o plástico, cables o madera, así como estructuras embebidas en distintos materiales base. Мультдетектор металла и других материалов. Hilti India Private Limited – Offering Multidetector Ps (entry Level Multidetector ) in Gurgaon, Haryana.

Read about company and get contact details and address. Main Spec Videos Brochure Hilti PS Multidetector Detection of ferrous and non-ferrous metal, live cables, plastic pipes and other objects such as wood and ca. Hilti Detectiesystemen – PS multidetector – Een multipurpose detector om onmiddellijk wapening, metaal of plastic buizen, draad onder stroom en hout te vinden, ingebed in structuren die zijn gemaakt van verschillende basismaterialen.

Buy, sell or pawn one at pawn shops near you with PawnGuru. The illustrations can be found on the fold-out cover pages. Keep these pages open while studying the oper- ating instructions. In these operating instructions, the designation “the tool” always refers to the PS Multidetector. Parts and operating controls П. Hilti PSMultidetector from Hammond Concrete: Multi-purpose Construction Scanner.

Hilti has launched the PS Multidetector , a robust new tool that provides users with a comprehensive insight into objects located in walls and floors.

Interested in this item or want more information? Give us a call and we can help you find it. Hilti Sistemas de Detección – Multidetector PS – Detector multiuso que permite localizar al instante barras de corrugado, tuberías de metal o plástico, cables eléctricos y madera incrustados en estructuras de distintos materiales base.