Hilti hy 150 resin

Classificazione secondo il regolamento (CE) n. Component B: Perossido di benzoile, phlegmatized. Injection mortar system. Embedment depth and base material thickness for the basic loading data. Mean ultimate resistance, characteristic resistance, design resistance, recommended loads.

Instrucciones de uso en fr es. For industrial use only. Keep out of the reach of children. Customers also searched for resin , chemfix or chemical anchor. More items related to this product.

MAX adhesive is a hybrid adhesive mortar consisting of urethane methacrylate resin , hardener, cement and water. Shop with confidence on eBay! ConstructoraPeruPacifico. Information pertaining to particular dangers for man and environment: A. R May cause sensitisation by. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET.

Product name: HIT HY 150. Description: Methacrylate resin and hardener. Iniettare la resina partendo dal fondo del foro, . Suitable to achieve high loads in concrete and stone.

Distancia de borde y separación reducidas. HIT- HY 1injection adhesive. Epoxy resin cartridge, fast curing injection system, mixed in nozzle for horizontal and vertical dowel anchors. John, We use the HY 1quite a bit.

Mississauga, Ontario L5N 6S2. Table 1: One edge influence – non cracked concrete. Design Data: fc,cyl=MPa. Seminario Università di Tor Vergata, 30. Applicazioni: Fissaggio di antenna parabolica.

Ancoraggio con resina chimica HIT HY – 1. Инструкция по применению ru. Ръководство за обслужване bg. Resina adhesiva bicomponente. Dynamic loads (seismic, fatigue, shock). Mechanical anchoring systems.

Rmm (= cm) per riğreşa di getto. HILTI HIT HY 1(pos. 1) n. Rmm (= cm) perțiğreşa di getto.