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HTB Ancorina metallica regolabile. Dati principali di carico (per un singolo ancorante). Fastening to drywall or hollow concrete block is a snap with the Hilti HTB Toggler Bolt.

Once installed the legs snap off, leaving you with a flush anchor . Mechanical Anchoring Systems.

Material Specifications. Vrsta pritrditve: Predhodno sidranje. Oblika glave: Zaobljena glava, Notranji navoj. Sestava materiala: Polipropilen. Zahtevajte praktični prikaz izdelka.

These Toggler Bolts are adjustable for various base material thicknesses, and they remain mounted in the wall even without a screw . Pea konfiguratsioon: ÜmarpeaSisekeere, Keskkonnatingimused: Sisetingimused , kuivas, Kinnituse tüüp: Eelkinnitus.

Spedizione Gratuita disponibile per membri Prime su oltre un milione di prodotti. My favorite wall anchors for handrail. Dynamic loads (seismic, fatigue, shock). HTB Hollow wall metal anchor.

Recommended Mounting Hardware: Hilti HTB Toggler bolt, Flat Head Phillips Screws, ¼-‐threa ½” Length. NOTE: Whichever fastener is use it MUST be ¼-‐ flat head style. Failure to use a flat head bolt will result in interference and failure . The Hilti HTB TOGGLER Bolt Fastening System consists of a metal channel threaded to accept a machine, and unique plastic legs and locking cap for fastening in a wide range of hollow-wall materials.

Indicates a Code Listed Product Simpson is a registered trademark of Simpson . Verkaufe Monat altes Ladegerät mit Akku. Stück Hessen – Gießen Vorschau . Hohlraumdübel Universal. Wall Dog Drywall Anchor. Suitable □: May Be Suitable.

PriceCheck the leading price comparison site in South Africa. It features unique installation legs and .

Con Hilti sceglie di lavorare insieme a un partner che conosce gli elevati requisiti della moderna tecnologia del fissaggio. Soluzione innovativa e resistente per materiali base cavi. Bitte geben Sie im Bedienfeld Anzahl Ihre gewünschte Menge ein.

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