Hilti hst m20

Resistenza ultima media. Calcestruzzo non fessurato. MMMMMMMMMMMM24. Scopri il tassello HST3: ti assicura estrema libertà progettuale e massime prestazioni statiche e sismiche.

Prova i vantaggi del tassello a espansione. Profondità effettiva di ancoraggio hef.

Mean ultimate resistance. Тип головки: Із зовнішньою різзю, Умови навколишнього середовища: Внутрішні роботи, сухі умови, Склад матеріалу: Сталь, цинков. Anchor size: M, Anchor length: 1mm, Base plate clearance hole: mm, Head configuration: Externally threade Environmental conditions: Indoor, dry conditions, Type of fastening: Pre-fasteningThrough-fastening. Datos de colocación hef h1. Espesor mínimo de material base hmin.

Machine tightening of the anchor for standard installation torque. As it is our ambition to be the worldwide leader in fastening technology, we are continously striving to provide you with state-of-the-art technical information reflecting the latest developments in codes, regulations and approvals and technical information for our products. The Fastening Technology Manuals . Продажа механических анкеров Hilti HST , Hilti HST -R.

Data for HSA-F Maccording to Hilti Technical Data assessment. HSA Carbon steel with DIN 1washer. Nessuna informazione disponibile per questa pagina.

Data for other concrete strength classes according to Hilti Technical Data assessment. Stainless steel grade S316L. For technical data for anchors in diamond drilled holes please contact the Hilti Technical advisory service. Ankru suurus: M, Ankru pikkus: 1mm, Alusplaadi puhasvahe: mm, Alusmaterjalid: Betoon (pragunemata), PROFIS tarkvara: Jah. Fischer anchors in comparison with their Hilti counterparts and we are writing to advise you of our findings.

The previously specified Hilti HST and HSL-mechanical anchors have been substituted for Fischer FAZ-II anchors. Ancora mecanică exapandabilă HST a fost prima ancoră din lume cu marcaj CE. Datorită gamei largi de aplicații, pot fi proiectate și utilizate pentru fixarea plăcilor metalice sub acţiunea sarcinilor statice, seismice, la foc și șoc. All safety-relevant fastenings in cracked and uncracked concrete . Anchor Types for temporary fastening of Diamond Equipment.

Failure modes of anchors. Characteristic load of an HKD M(big anchor) is kN. This is reached under fairly normal conditions.