Hilti hsl tz

Call During Office Hours To Arrange. Stressed cross-section As. Also available in Stainless Steel. Benestare tecnico europeo a). HSL -versione con bullone. Shop with confidence on eBay!

Dynamic loads (seismic, fatigue, shock). Mechanical anchoring systems. Тип головы: Шестигранная головка, Условия окружающей среды: Внутри помещения, сухие условия, Материал: Сталь, оцинк.

Diametru burghiu: mm, Lungimea ancorei: 1mm, Mărimea ancorei: M1 Compoziţia materialului: Oţel, placat cu zinc (min. µm)Bolţ: oţel, rezistenţă 8. Configuraţie cap: Cu filet exterior, Condiţii de mediu: Interior, condiţii uscate. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Anchors available in carbon . Закупки (России, Украины, Казахстана и др. стран) через электронную торговую систему осуществляются наконкурсной основе .

Химический анкер HIT-MM Plus стр. Программа дозаторов для химических анкеров стр. Анкер с подрезкой HDA стр. Распорный анкер HSL стр. Test report could not be retrieved.

Updated information on place of manufacture to be provided by the manufacturer. We have the Onan BOLT HILTI HSL TZ Myou need with fast shipping and low prices. Подробная информация о товаре и поставщике. Product Informations Seismic (HDA, HSL , KB-II, HVU).

Similarly, the diameter of a thread has a decisive influence on the ultimate strength. This decreases with increasing diameter. Basic load data (for a single anchor): HAS- TZ steel failure in . Hilti Kwik Bolt (KB3).

Nessuna informazione disponibile per questa pagina. Each anchor bolt is approximately 7” long and 1” (outside of. collar). Bolt diameter is approximately inch. Each bolt weighs approximately pound.

These bolts have never been used.