Hilti hit hy200a

HY 200-A cartucce da 3ml e 5ml. Adhesive anchoring system for rebar and anchor fastenings in concrete. Read the safety precautions, safety data sheet, and the product information before use. Verbundmörtel für Bewehrungseisen und.

Injection mortar system.

Suitable for non-cracked and cracked concrete. High loading capacity, excellent handling. Shop with confidence on eBay! Sistema di ancoraggio chimico. Vonfezione completa include cartuccia da 3ml – miscelatore – estensore del miscelatore.

No hole cleaning with the HIT-Z Anchor. Choose your working time.

Osnovni materiali: Beton (brez razpok), Beton (z razpokami). Stanje osnovnega materiala: Mokro, Suho. Postopki čiščenja: Čiščenje s stisnjenim zrakom, Ročno čiščenje, Samodejno čiščenje (votli sveder SafeSet), . Both options utilize the same technical data.

The packaging for each is different which helps the user distinguish between the two adhesives. Product is ICC-ES approved for use in both cracked and uncracked concrete applications. Contractors experience less down time, as the flexibility of the product allows for installation in both wet and dry conditions, . Installation temperature – range. Hilti HIT-V, HAS, HAS-E, HIS,. Small edge distance and anchor spacing possible.

The enclosed pages are taken from the. For further details including details of product European Technical Approvals,. Guidance on product selection and detailed design assistance please contact.

User-chosen working time based on application suitability. Hollow Drill Bit or HIT-Z Anchor Rod.

Highest level of approvals in concrete for uncracked and cracked applications. Le Groupe Spécialisé n° de la Commission chargée de formuler les Avis. Le présent document, auquel est annexé le Dossier . VOC) in Various Materials” as referenced by South . Alusmaterjali Betoon (pragunemata), Betoon ( pragunenud). Ankruelemendi Armatuur, HIT -V keermestatud varda HIT -Z jõumomendi poolt kontrollitud sideaineankrud.

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