Hilti hit anchors

Special mortar for low temperature fastenings in concrete. Everyday standard hybrid mortar for anchoring in concrete and rebar connections. Mixers and extensions for injectable mortars. Hilti HIT -HY 2with HIT -Z.

Embedment depth and base material thickness for the basic loading data. Mean ultimate resistance, characteristic resistance, design resistance, recommended loads.

Injection mortar system. These HIT Metal Drive Anchors are excellent for jobs where speed and ease of fastening are important. The anchor design allows for easy through-type fastenings even in bottomless holes.

Suitable for a wide range of base materials including concrete, masonry and. Inadequately cleaning holes during installation can reduce the performance of conventional adhesive anchor systems significantly. New TE-CD and TE-YD Hollow Drill Bits used in . Basic loading data (for a single anchor ). All data in this section applies to.

For details see Simplified design method.

Correct setting (See setting instruction). No edge distance and spacing influence. Base material thickness, as specified in the table. Anchor type: Off-the-shelf rods, Head configuration: Externally threade Environmental conditions: Covered by ground soilOutdoorUnderwater, fresh water.

According to the of further anchor testing of pulling-out of UDK aerated concrete of different consistency class we put down following data: 1. For HIT MM – from 5to кН . Ultimate-performance hybrid mortar HIT -HY 200-R. Economic hybrid mortar for concrete and masonry HIT -MM PLUS. Cordless electric dispenser HDE 500-A22. Roughening tool TE-Y-RT. Clean-Tec injectable mortar HIT -CT 1. The previously specified HIT -RE5and HY2epoxy has been substituted for FIS-EM epoxy.

In total, anchor details have been revised. We summarise the design substitution below. Not approved for sustained tensile-load (hanging from a ceiling) overhead applications.

See Bridge Products list for anchorages approved for ornamental rail, safety barriers, and bridge applications. Larger diameter anchor rods or more .