Hilti bolt sizes

Required tightening torque. Dry and water-saturated concrete, hammer drilling a). Brush bore hole with required steel brush HIT-RB a) Note: Manual cleaning only for hef ≤ 2mm and anchor size ≤ M16.

For detailed information on installation see . A guide to specification and installation.

Anchor design at a click. For temporary applications anchors may be driven into drilled holes after usage. Mechanical expansion allows immediate load application.

We therefore reserve the right to alter specifications , etc. Corporation provides on-site installer training. The seller is responsibly for providing a baseplate drilling template for each vacuum component anchor baseplate. The template shall be fabricated from carbon steel plate using the anchor bolt centerline dimensions and holes sized for minimum drill clearance to promote .

Customers also searched for Stud anchor , stud bolt , expansion anchor , kwik bolt or anchoring. The minimum length of Kwik- Bolt to use for any particular is determined by adding the thickness of the material to be fastened to the minimum embedment for the diameter of the anchor being use . The anchors must be installed in . The of these tests established average ultimate tensile capacities of some . It concentrates mainly on anchoring systems, hammer drills, firestops, and installation systems, but . Advance Steel built in standard HILTI anchors. It is important when installing the Kwik Bolt to use a hammer drill and a carbide bit for drilling the hole in the . Hilti HIT-HY 2mortar with HIT-Z rod. There are numerous styles of bolts and several different methods used to secure them.

This anchor comes in various lengths and thickness. The ones that work especially well are 5–in. There is another type of heavy-duty anchor. MMMMMMMMMMM39. Stressed cross-section As.

For applications where shallow embed- ment is needed. Very high loads in cracked concrete.

Very productive solution that saves cleaning time. Baseplate clearance hole pre-fastening. Base plate clearance hole through-fastening. HVU with HAS-E rod adhesive anchor.

Basic loading data (for a single anchor ) – no edge distance and spacing influence. Embedment depth and base material thickness for the basic loading data. Oct Dear Sir, As per telephonic Discussion with Structural Engineer Dr.

Mohamed Nassar, We are requesting to the Engineer Representative select the Chemical Bolt Length as per attach catalogue for projection Level 7. I will look forward to your early response.