Hardness durometer

These scales were invented so that people can discuss these materials and have a common point of reference. The Shore AScale measures rubbers and gels that are very soft. Here is a brand new Digital Shore A Hardness Durometer for you.

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This high quality and durable hardness durometer is used for testing the objective with low hardness. With this sensitive, efficient, . This rubber durometer chart gives you an idea of the hardness you want for your O-ring or rubber part. This scale or chart is in the Shore A range which most rubber materials fall under. Shore Durometer hardness testing of plastics is describe and conversion charts correlating various scales are presented. Rex Gauge Company has been a leader in the durometer hardness gauge industry for over years.

Scope: Durometer Hardness is used to determine the relative hardness of soft materials, usually plastic or rubber.

The test measures the penetration of a specified indentor into the material under specified conditions of force and time. The hardness value is often used to identify or specify a particular hardness of elastomers . Qualitest offers Durometer – Shore Hardness Tester are world-recognized for the highest accuracy, quality, durability and cost efficiency. APPROXIMATE DUROMETER HARDNESS COMPARISONS.

The values listed are approximate and are not to be used as an exact equivalent. This information is provided as a selection guide only. A durometer gauge is critical in determining the hardness of polyurethane and its performance characteristics for a part or product. CCSi freely questions regarding specific hardness testing questions, simply eMail CCSi. Durometer measures the hardness in polymers, elastomers and rubbers.

The durometer scale was defined by Albert F. A chart showing general hardness. Moltissimi esempi di frasi con durometer hardness – Dizionario italiano-inglese e motore di ricerca per milioni di traduzioni in italiano. Handheld electronic instrument measures the indentation hardness of non- metallic materials. Two durometer models available – Shore A and Shore D. Dmitri Kopeliovich Shore hardness is a measure of the resistance of a material to penetration of a spring loaded needle-like indenter.

Shore A scale is used for testing soft Elastomers (rubbers) and other soft polymers.

Hardness of Polymers (rubbers, plastics) is usually measured by Shore scales. Find great deals on eBay for Shore Durometer Hardness Tester in Electrical Test Meters.