Hand plane surf

Often viewed as little more than swimmers, certainly disregarded as fellow surfers , bodysurfers collect the scraps or move elsewhere. But bodysurfing and handplane surfing hold their own devotees. Handboarding is easy and fun.

Body surfing is one thing but using a handboard is a little different. Here are a few tips and tricks to getting your technique just right.

Take a look through our . Video Rights by Papa Planes on a. Kids in Polynesia have been holding pieces of driftwood to plane across waves for years. Assembled by hand featuring our favorite templates, rocker patterns and secret sauce concave. Does it get any better then that? Available at select Patagonia stores and out online store. Hand planes are a ton of fun!

Increase your glide across the face of the wave to make sections when body surfing.

Paulownia wood hand planes feature a single concave bottom and super comfortable, fully adjustable, velco and neoprene strap. Lightweight and durable! Keep one in your trunk with a . Handplanes, or handboards, are a splendid surf craft that will enable you to explore new bodysurfing territories.

We offer two models of surfing hand planes ,the Original, and the Pro, depending on your level of experience and the types of waves you will be sliding. The Original is perfect for intermediates in normal conditions who want the ultimate lift and stability, while the shorter Pro model suits the adventurous souls performing. Bodysurfing hand planes , Belly bellyboards beater surf boards. Confused on what size or shape bodysurfing handplane to get? The order of consideration when looking to purchasing a bodysurfing handplane : Size, Hull(bottom shape) and Tail.

Likes to surf , bodysurf, free dive and pretend he enjoys chasing big waves. No matter the surf conditions, its always good to have a handplane close by – so a bodysurf session is always on. At Compass, we first started building handplanes from recycled woo born from our passion for bodysurfing around the southwest UK. After catching more waves and getting barrelled more than ever before, we . You can do this by using a hand plane. Insert your dominant hand.

Four Parts:Using the Handplane Getting Out to the BreakPicking Your Wave and GoPicking a Line, Left or RightCommunity QA.

Pick a line, left or right – surfer talk for pick which direction you are going to go. Ecto Handplanes was designed and developed by Chris Anderson on the South Coast of NSW, Australia. The Ecto ORIGINAL is bigger, providing the best body surfing hand plane for stability, buoyancy and lift. Body surf the barrel of the wave radically deep, from small summer beach shoreys to big peeling reefs! The Ecto PRO is smaller providing the best body surfing hand plane for really hollow or steep peaky surf.

Ideal for confident bodysurfers who want to perform tricks and prefer a smaller hand plane to paddle with. Also ideal for grommets who require a smaller hand plane and strap. It also has strong ply marine grade Baltic Birch.

The board is Soaked in Linseed oil and has anchoring points. Product Dimensions: x 1.