Dynamic set hilti

If a multiple-anchor fastening is loaded towards the edge of a concrete member. The clearance hole is always larger than the anchor diameter to ensure easy installation, so it is unlikely that the anchors . Safety anchors HSC-A, HSC-AR, HSC-I, HSC-IR, stop drill bit and setting tool. Undercut anchor system (hot-dip galvanized) HMU-PF, stop drill bit and setting tool. Heavy-duty anchor HSL- HSL-3- G, .

Similarly, the diameter of a thread has a decisive influence on the ultimate strength. This decreases with increasing diameter. Mechanical anchoring systems.

Dynamic loads (seismic, fatigue, shock). Basic loading data (for a single anchor). All data in this section applies to. For details see Simplified design method.

Hilti HIT-HY 2mortar with HIT-Z rod. Correct setting (See setting instruction). No edge distance and spacing influence. Base material thickness, as specified in the table.

Setting tool TE-C-HDA-ST. Grinding tool TE-C-HDA-GT. Removal tool TE-C-HDA-RT. The shear forces on the anchors are amplified in presence an annular gap due to a hammer effect on the anchor. As per EOTA TR04 a reduction of shall be applied to the shear resistance if there is an annular gap between the anchors and fixture.

When the HVZ or HAD has been set , first the filling disc and then the spherical washer . Self-undercutting facilitates fast and reliable installation without the need for a separate undercutting tool or additional operations. Close spacing and small edge distance thanks to low expansion forces. The resulting keying effect provides a secure hold even in cracked concrete under dynamic loading.

Anchors under shock load. Product information: Shock.

Elastic collision: Fixing of safety rope. HDA system includes either the HDA-P preset or HDA-T through- set style anchors, stop drill bits, . A through setting of the anchors was not possible since the space between the upper and lower flanges of the steel beam is too small to introduce the anchors. In the pre- setting mode the conditions to install the upper steel beam over set anchors was to be considered carefully.