Durometer test blocks

Since type A durometers test rubber and other softer non- metallics, it is possible for the user to imbed the foot of the durometer into the test specimen and obtain false readings. To obtain accurate readings using a durometer , one must develop the proper feel for the gauge. However, these test blocks kits for duroemeters are not planned to be. Designed for periodic verification of calibration accuracy.

The test kit consists of test blocks.

The individual test blocks are provided with serial numbers to guarantee incontestable identification. A large variation would indicate the need for recalibration of the durometer . These testers are crafted and engineered to perform at the highest level of accuracy. An ergonomic and attractive design combined with lightweight assists in taking precise hardness measurements. As a reference check, it will indicate if a durometer is operating within tolerances.

Durometer test blocks rubber and aluminum. D scale consists of test blocks. Over million products that ship and deliver fast.

Ships from Brampton ( Great Toronto Area), Ontario, Canada. This type D durometer tests the hardness of hard rubber and plastics. While not to be used for calibration purposes, this test.

Test Block Kit (TBK-1) gives . The material from which the test blocks are made is fairly stable, however, it is strongly . A durometer should never be calibrated with test blocks. FREE shipping over $250. Showing the single result. Add Checked Items to Cart. P0WITH VARIABLE HARDNESS FROM 26HA TO 88HA.

PRECISION ±2HA , Hardness testers, Analogic and digital meters. Free Shipping, Cash on Delivery Available. These easy to use quick reference kits enable the user to develop a repeatable and appropriate technique by comparing to the actual hardness of the individual test blocks. SHORE D DUROMETER TEST KIT (Hardness Testers and Accessories). Shore D for Plastics and Hard Rubber Includes: (3) Color-coded test blocks with nominal.

Type OO durometers test soft rubber, foams, gels and other very soft non-metallics. It is highly recommended that, whenever possible, an operating stand be employed in performing durometer hardness tests.

ATS Calibrate a variety of meter calibrations including durometer hardness testers, durometer test blocks , and more. Shore D is for plastics and hard rubber. This shore A test block aids in obtaining accurate readings from your durometer as it allows you to develop the proper feel for the gauge.