Durometer hardness tester

This depth is dependent on the hardness of the material, its viscoelastic properties, the shape of the presser foot, and the duration . You could get this item at an unbeatable price! This pocket sized digital durometer with round shape and large LCD display. This high quality and durable hardness durometer is used for testing the objective with low hardness.

With this sensitive, efficient, . FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

The test measures the penetration of a specified indentor into the material under specified conditions of force and time. The hardness value is often used to identify or specify a particular hardness of elastomers . There are different scales or ranges depending on the nature . A durometer gauge or durometer tester is needed to perform a durometer hardness test procedure. Dmitri Kopeliovich Shore hardness is a measure of the resistance of a material to penetration of a spring loaded needle-like indenter. Shore A scale is used for testing soft Elastomers (rubbers) and other soft polymers.

Durometer devices determine the. Durable metal cases are rugged enough for a production environment. X handheld durometers are easy to use.

Click Request for Quote or Buy Now. The easy operation allows for rapid testing with repeatable. Rex Gauge Company has been a leader in the durometer hardness gauge industry for over years. For help selecting a durometer please view our selection guide. From basic analog durometers to precision digital durometers we have your torque needs covered.

Hardness Tester Selection Chart. Both methods measure the resistance of the plastic toward indentation. Asker hardness testers feature top design and precision manufacturing to bring you a reliable, highly accurate durometer.

They are heavy-duty with high repeatability for plastic and rubber hardness testing. For on-site testing on the product, analog versions with and without drag-pointer are available. The instruments with drag-pointers simplify testing, . Handheld electronic instrument measures the indentation hardness of non- metallic materials. Two durometer models are available for different hardness ranges – Shore A and Shore D. Two models are available for different hardness ranges – Shore A and Shore D. The needle is placed against the rubber or plastic and pressure is applied.

Once the gauge is pressed firmly against the material and the needle has penetrated as far as it can go, the measurement needle . Borivali East, Mumbai10 Blue . From latex gloves to bowling balls, hardness is a critical indicator of product performance. Spedizione Gratuita disponibile per membri Prime su oltre un milione di prodotti.