Drum brake spring pliers

Although many mechanics use a standard set of tools for the many different drum brake parts, the springs have always turned out to be one of the most difficult aspects of drum brake repair. Fortunately, the advent of brake spring pliers allows mechanics to easily remove and install the crucially important springs found within . PC BRAKE DRUM SPRING INSTALLER REMOVAL TOOL SET. How to rebuild the rear brakes on a Caravan, Voyager, Town and Country part 2: Disassembly – Duration: 7:37.

Brake retaining spring tool. Effectively removes and replaces shoe return springs of drum brakes on domestic cars and trucks.

Thin, narrow point provides straight, in- line pull on spring. Robust handle provides powerful leverage. Plated steel resists corrosion. A common vehicle repair task like changing components of the brakes of a vehicle, such as drums , pads and rotors, can be done with regular wrenches and screwdrivers.

However, it is a much easier task if you have a pair of brake spring pliers. Reference table ( of )( of ). Performance Tool brake spring pliers make removal and installation of brake shoe return springs on most drum brake systems a snap. The socket end of the pliers removes springs from the anchor stu . Nessuna informazione disponibile per questa pagina.

For domestic and import vehicles using an emergency brake cable at the rear wheels, including all drum brake applications and some rear disc brake vehicles. Hardened steel body, soft-touch handle grips. Parts are just part of what we do.

Get yours online today and pick up in store. For rivetted and glued brake linings on drum brake with movable claw, easily removes and installs shoe return springs on most brakes. For use on light and heavy goods vehicles. Length 300mm and maximum jaw opening 100mm.

One end hooks onto the spring , the other grips onto the lining fastened to the brake shoe. Used on two brake return spring system. Better than using screwdrivers or needle nose pliers.

Essential brake spring pliers used to remove and install brake shoe retaining springs on most drum brakes (where the return spring hooks over a post ). Double ended tool for removing and installing brake springs. Handle ends remove and install spring over anchor post. Plier tips stretch brake spring.

Purpose made for the installation and removal of drum shoe return springs. Suitable for most car and light commercial drum brakes. See more product details.

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Free delivery on eligible orders. Designed to aid installation and removal of brake shoe retaining spring washers found in drum brake assemblies. Spring loade offset jaws enable easy access to the spring washer located behind wheel hubs.

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