Drum brake shoes

The friction material is either riveted to the lining table or attached with adhesive. The crescent-shaped piece is called the Web and contains holes and slots in different shapes for return springs, hold-down hardware, parking . Even our drum brake shoes are powder coated. There are a few symptoms.

Before you can consider replacing your rear brakes , you need to figure out what type of rear brakes your car or truck is equipped with. This article will tell you how to replace drum brakes.

The easiest way to tell what type of brake you have in the rear is to simply take . Do not use a brake cleaner, as it contains a petroleum distillate, which tends to destroy the material in the shoes. It should fit easily onto the front of the backing plate. Then, take your brake spoon and turn the star wheel in the back until you can turn the wheel and feel light contact from the brake shoes. Look for worn brake linings. Later cars often have a plugged inspection hole in the backplate.

On other cars you need to remove the drum. Linings may be riveted or bonded to the brake shoes. Drum brake shoes from Bosch are distinguished by their outstanding quality and reliability under extreme conditions.

These are crucial factors, as drum brake shoes are amongst the most severely stressed components in a braking system. They are constantly subjected to abrasion, great fluctuations in . Check the thickness of brake shoe lining. You will need to consult the workshop manual for your vehicle to check the allowable minimum thickness. If the thickness is at the point of, or close, to the minimum thickness they should be replaced.

Also, if the brake shoe lining is covered in oil or grease they must be replaced. They are the most accurate and cost efficient way to fit OE quality drum brakes. GM OE Drum Brake Shoes and other auto parts solutions for your vehicle.

Checking drum wear with a micrometer. If you need new drums , have a professional install them for you because the brake shoes must be adjusted to fit. Due to the evolution in term of braking power needs and new technologies, these products are only dedicated to the rear axle of the cars. Brake shoes kits used to be fitted in both axles of cars.

Also for reasons of braking power, this range of products is only fitted on small, urban vehicles. The Valeo Brake rear range is . The outer part is called the table and is curved to match the curvature of the drum. The brake lining is riveted or bonded to the .