Digital torque angle meter

The digital angle gauge is versatile because it utilizes a V-channel and magnets, it quickly attaches to the handle of any standard ratchet, wrench, or breaker bar, and it . FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. A new and unique SP torque angle gauge for turning torqued fasteners through a further angle, as. We have warehouses in multiple states.

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Performs torque range of 5. It easily attaches to the handle of any standard ratchet, wrench, or breaker bar, and can be used on any size drive . Torque and angle tightening with one tool: productivity improvement, digital display minimizes reading errors, and delivers high precision. LEDs for easy viewing of and audible beep when . Anyone use the digital torque angle gauge ? Self-contained Electronic Torque and Angle Meters. The Angle Meter Adapter is magnetized and attaches to many types of ratchets and torque wrenches.

The LED readout allows easy viewing of the , and an audible beep. Large backlit digital display shows current angle. Intuitive design makes operation simple LEDs and digital display provide visual feedback. Audible feedback when target angle is reached and when angle is exceeded. Automatically powers off when not in use for minutes.

Quickly and easily measures angular rotation for Torque Turn applications. Features an automatic ratcheting function. Able to target any angle.

Warning lights and buzzer signal when nearing and hitting target angle. Significantly quicker to use than traditional angle gauge. Ratchet” feature to ratchet . Ultra simple use: autotest and reset upon powering on.

Adapter magnetized so it attaches to all types of ratchets. Digital angle value readout. Measure Angle 0-199-degrees.

Torque angle gauge for fasteners where some manufacturers are specifying both torque and angle settings. With this gauge the professional mechanic can meet the demands of the new specifications to turn the fastener a specified number.