Digital torque adaptor

Features: – Digital torque adapter. Selectable for five torque units of measure: lb-ft, lb-in, kg-cm, kg-m and N-m. View technical specification . Torque range: – 2ft. Are you looking for the ultimate adaptor to turn any regular old ratchet into a torque ratchet?

The ToolPRO digital torque wrench adaptor provides a compact alternative to a traditional torque wrench.

The Electronic torque adapters. FACOM offer an electronic range, for high productivity and accuracy. Our wrenches and drives allow for increments in confined spaces. Now any drive ratchet can be used as a precision torque wrench. It features a built-in memory that stores the last torque value readings as well as Peak and Track modes to log highest torque achieved.

The digital display will show the torque increasing as more pressure is applied and will beep when its away from the desired torque warning you that your approaching selected torque setting is just a little more effort away. Ideal for work around the engine bay and the tightening of wheel nuts to factory specifications. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment at a recognised dis- posal facility.


Never exceed the permitted maximum torque value for this device. Overloading could cause damage. Ensure that associated adaptors , extensions and sockets are rated to equal or exceed the torque. In our product range you will find high-quality and durable . The risk of over- tightening, . Converts any ratchet into a torque measuring tool ! IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. NOTE THE SAFE OPERATIONAL REQUIREMENTS, WARNINGS.

USE THE PRODUCT CORRECTLY AND WITH CARE FOR THE PURPOSE FOR . Find great deals on eBay for digital torque adaptor and torque meter. Drive Tightening and angle adjustment with one tool preset values. LEDS viewed even in difficult access.

Static torque measurement. Standard functions: torque setting, measurement setting, mode setting. Operation in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.

Audible torque confirmation by means of buzzer. LCD display shows N-m (or kg-cm, in-lb, ft-lb) measurements. Easy to set up Set, Peak or Trace .

Does anyone have any experience with these? Shop with confidence on eBay! The Adaptor can be used as a torque wrench, but it is better .