Cleco fasteners

A cleco , also spelled generically cleko, is a temporary fastener developed by the Cleveland Pneumatic Tool Company. Widely used in the manufacture and repair of aluminum-skinned aircraft, it is used to temporarily fasten sheets of material together, or to hold parts such as stiffeners, frames etc together, before they are . Cleco Fasteners , or Skin Pins as they are sometimes called have played an important role in automotive racing aircraft sheet metal repair for decades. Everything you want to know about removable panel fasteners, frequently referred to as Clecos and why.

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US Industrial Tool offers CLECO temporary fasteners in a wide range of styles and configurations. Request a quote today or contact us for more information. They allow you to hold two pieces of sheet metal together in proper alignment and then rivet them. This is our Cleco Fastener Deluxe kit.

These are Brand New Cleco Fasteners made in the USA. This deluxe kit is perfect for someone who works with metal regularly and needs to hold larger pieces together. Pack of plier-operated (K) series sheet holder clamps with Cleco Pliers.

These spring-loaded and steel bodied fasteners are dedicated to light clamping forces ( No more than 25lbs.) and are a simple, plier-actuate inexpensive, alternative to competitive fasteners.

CLEKO-LOC brand clecos that are made in the USA. Hand operated cleco fasteners , used throughout the aviation industry, consist of spring or plier operate bar nut and wing nut styles. Power operated clecos include . K-SERIES SHEET HOLDERS CLECO FASTENERS Sheet holders provide the quickest method for holding sheets together for drilling or riveting. Drill the size hole needed for the rivet and insert the sheet holder.

Cleco fasteners are a popular assistant for holding sheet metal together through a hole. They can also be used with fiberglass or plastic and will save hours of setup and positioning time. Great for race car builders, body fabricators, or anyone who works with sheet metal.

Contact us for cleco fasteners. While standard clecos are effective for most space requirements, miniature clecos are specially designed to operate in more confined areas. Clecos with extended grip ranges are also available when working . Providing Cutting and Hand Tool solutions throughout New Zealand. Hex, Square, All types of locking nuts, Wel Tee-nuts, Metric and Specials. Cleco products including Cleco Pliers and Fasteners , Side Grip Clamps , intended to hold sheet or panel edges together for welding, trimming or fixing.

The professional way to install aluminum or sheet metal panels, Cleco Fasteners assist in proper panel alignment. Click Here for All JEGS .

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