C spanner pin type

USAG Professional tools , Hook And Pin Spanner Wrenches. Maxclaw, the reliable hook wrench supplier, providing high quality pin type adjustable hook spanner wrench series for clients. Hook spanners enable the safe and effortless tightening and loosening of all KM, KML and KMK type locknuts and B,BR and BP nuts to avoid damage to the nuts or shaft.

Manufactured from tempered steel, these spanners are extremely strong and robust. Smaller part x Larger part. Spanner for tightening and removing round nuts with notches or holes. Applicable diameter of round nut. Adjustable Pin Spanner Wrench.

Ideal for adjusting collars, lock nut rings, and bearings. Specifically engineered to hold up. Except as otherwise state theĀ . Below left this pin wrench is shown in use tightening (or loosening) a checknut in the set width adjustment mechanism of a Thompson Type -Caster. Torx Keys, Mini Grip Type. Hook Spanners , With Hook Nose – Traditional.

Face Spanners, With Pins. In automobile work pipe spanners (a light form of box spanner ) are widely used. Fixed Spanner Wrench(34). BENCH WORK PROCESSES In bench work a number of hand operations are involved to finish the work to desired shape and size with required accuracy.

Some important operations are : Fig.