Bevel protractor measurement

A protractor is a geometry tool that measures the angle between two intersecting lines. For example, a protractor can measure the interior angle of a triangle, or a hexagon. One limitation of a regular, semicircle protractor is that it can only measure through 1degrees.

The bevel protractor solves this . Vernier bevel protractor – Parts. When the edges of the beam and blade are parallel, a small line on the swivel plate coincides with the zero line on the graduated dial, and when any measurement of an angle between the beam and the blade of degrees or under is desire the reading may be obtained direct from the .

Bevel protractors work when the base part is placed along one side of the angle. The angle can then be read. The one used here is an old. It has wide application in architectural and mechanical drawing, although its use is decreasing with the . Furnished with a bevel edged extension blade, roller knob and fine adjustment. Measuring Range: 0-3degree.

Great for measuring inner and outer angles of the parts. High-precision angle gage for accurate angle measurement of machines, molds, and jigs. Can be attached to height gages.

Technical Data Graduation:5min. It is probably the simplest instrument for measuring the angle between two faces of component. How to measure angles using a protractor – why does it have two sets of measurements ? VERNIER BEVEL PROTRACTOR : Working principle.

A vernier bevel protractor is attached . Find great deals on eBay for . Like a steel rule, the simple protractor has limited usage in engineering metrology. A universal bevel protractor is one . Made from stainless steel. Laser stamped scales, satin-chrome backgrounds. Magnifying glass for easy reading.

Adjustable beam to any position within the entire range. The two basic types of protractors used in the shop are the steel protractor and the vernier bevel protractor , Fig. The basic difference between these two forms of protractors is accuracy.

The steel protractor, and its variations, such as the . Protractors are measuring tools used to measure angles.